Ramses and Cassandra

It is with a heavy heart that I have to ask for your help to find a new home for my two cats, a Russian Blue female and a Bombay male. I will be sharing posts here soon and I hope you could help by sharing them forward. Ramses and Cassandra are 13-14 and in good health, and I think it is time for them to share a home with someone who does not travel or move as much as I do. Someone who has a quiet, childless home or (pre)teen kids. Someone who wouldn’t mind sharing their footend of the bed at night. Someone who prefers adult cats with manners and could commit to giving them 5 years of peaceful senior life and friendship. This decision has been extremely tough to make and has been catalyzed by the fact that Ramses the Bombay is not adjusting to his new home here in Denmark. He clearly reacts to something in this apartment (noise? smell?) and seems to be even happier in a cat hotel than here. As he is very stressed at the moment and moving apartments is not an option, we are looking for anything that helps. A temporary home works, or a permanent home straight away. He would most likely be happiest if his friend Cassandra the Russian Blue would be able to stick by his side, but I’m happy to explore other solutions. We are currently in Midtjylland, Denmark, but I don’t mind travel or even flying back to Finland if the cats get a new, loving home. As both cats are older I am happy to partially or completely cover any medical costs.

If you know of anyone who would like to give a new home to a friendly, wise madame and a silly bundle of cuddle and love who thinks he is a dog, please let me know soon.

Anna Gran