FIFe BRC submits a proposal on registration rules

Against the will of he Bombay BC, FIFe BRC submits a proposal on registration rules for Bombay.

This will make it impossible for us to cross out with Burmese as they must be free tested from dilution and chocolate predisposition. The other cat organizations where Bombay is recognized have absolutely no restrictions regarding recessive colour genes and we also believe that it will be very difficult to find suitable Burmese (without chocolate/dilution) to contribute to our breeding program.

These two sentences MUST be deleted:

When preliminary recognition is achieved the BUR n used for outcross must be tested free of the chocolate and dilution gene. This allowance will be deleted when full recognition is obtained.

Over the last 18 months the BOM non BC has continued to supply information regarding the development of the breed within FIFe. The BOM non BC has received no official response from FIFe regarding these submissions. The BOM non BC is surprised to read FIFe BRC proposal No 9 regarding our breed when Article 10 of the FIFe Breeding and Registration Rules states that breed specific registration rules should accompany the application for preliminary recognition.

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Click here to read the proposal for registration rules  from BOM non BC sent together with the application for preliminary recognition (that was left unanswered). Click here for an explanation of the registration rules written by the  BOM non BC..