This is the standard that we are currently working with in FIFe.

appereance Originating as a hybrid between the Burmese and the American Shorthair created to resemble a “mini-panther”, the Bombay is a medium-size cat, well balanced, friendly, alert, and outgoing; muscular and surprisingly heavy for its size. With its silky, jet black, “patent leather” coat; “new copper penny” eyes; solid body and sweet, open facial expression, the ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own, separating it from that of its parent breeds.
size Medium
shape Rounded head, in proportion to the body. Slightly wider than the length. Broad, short, rounded muzzle. Moderate visible stop (not a break).The end of the nose is slightly rounded down thus completing the roundness of the head. Firm chin which continues the slightly curved profile.
nose Moderate visible stop (not a break)
jaws strong
chin The chin should be firm, neither receding nor protruding.
shape Medium in size. Broad at the base with slightly rounded tips.
placement Viewed from front, wide and fairly upright set, never flared, following the contours of the head.In profile slightly tilted forwards.Allowance to be made for adult males with fullness of cheeks
shape Large, round underline and rounded overline. Set wide apart
color Colour from gold to copper; the greater the depth and brilliance the better.
size medium sized
structure Muscular, having a surprising weight for its size. Rounded chest and a well developed neck.Allowance is to be made for larger size in males.
Legs of medium length, in proportion to the body.
paws Rounded paws with black paw pads
Tail Medium in length. Tapering to a blunt tip.
Coat structure Short, silky and close lying.
color Shimmering jet black giving the appearance of patent leather. Black to the roots (allowance should be made for kittens and younger cats up to 2 years of age).
Remarks A lighter color at the root should be allowed for kittens and younger cats up to 2 years of age
Eyes Oriental or burmese eyeshape, green color
Head Extreme nosebreak
Body Too slender or cobby
Faults precluding the certificate
Type British or oriental type
Eyes Green eyes
coat Lockets or spots. Nose leather or paw pads other than black.
Scale of points points
Head Shape, nose, jaws, teeth, chin, placement of ears 20
Shape, size and set 10
colour 10
Body 25
texture, length 15
colour 15
Condition 5
EMS code
Breeders notes Allowable outcross: Black American Shorthair and Burmese (only brown and chocolate).Note: Must never be allowed in an outcross program with O gene Burmese. Must never be recognized in any other colour than black. DNA testing for known diseases in the breed and allowable outcross breeds is highly desirable. It is recommended to test breeding cats for chocolate and dilute to avoid none recognized colours in the offspring.
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