CFA standard

BOMBAY [BOM] (Standard Source: CFA 1997)

The overall impression of the Bombay is a medium-size muscular cat, well-balanced, friendly, alert, and outgoing. With its jet black, gleaming coat, gold to copper eyes, solid body and sweet facial expression, the ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own. 

The Bombay originated as a hybrid between the Burmese and the American Shorthair. It is not a natural breed but a genetic hybrid, with distinctive features that separate it from its foundation (parent) breeds.

Head: The head should be pleasingly rounded with no sharp angles. The face should be fullwith c onsiderable breadth between the eyes, blending gently into a broad welldeveloped moderately rounded muzzle that maintains the rounded contours of the head. In profile there should be a moderate visible stop; however, it should not present a ”pugged” or ”snubbed” look. Moderate stop is not to be considered a ”break”, but a slight indentation at the bridge of the nose between the eyes thus providing a change of direction from the rounded head to the medium, rounded muzzle. The end of the nose is slightly rounded down thus completing the roundness of the head. The chin should be firm, neither receding nor protruding, reflecting a proper bite.

Ears: The ears should be medium in size and set well apart on a rounded skull, alert, tilting slightly forward, broad at the base, and with slightly rounded tips.

Eyes: Set far apart, with rounded aperture.

Body: Medium in size, muscular in development and having a surprising weight for its size, neither compact nor rangy.

Legs and Feet: In proportion to the body and tail. Feet round.

Tail: Straight, medium in length; neither short nor “whippy.”

Coat: Fine, short, satin-like texture; close-lying with a shimmering patent leather sheen.

For colour and patterns recognised refer to the descriptions below.
Remarks: Allowance is to be made for larger size in males.
Faults: ~
Challenge: Excessive cobbiness or ranginess.
Disqualify: Kinked or abnormal tail. Incorrect number of toes. Improper bite. Extreme break that interferes with normal breathing and tearing of eyes.

Head: including roundness (7), full face & profile (7), chin (4) 18 points
Ears: 7 points
Eyes: including placement and shape 5 points
Body: 15 points
Legs and Feet: ~ points
Tail: 5 points
Coat: including shortness (10), close lying (5) and texture (5) 20 points
Colour: including body colour (20) eye colour (10) 30 points
Condition: ~ points
100 points

General Description
Eye Colour: Ranging from gold to copper, the greater the depth and brilliance the better.
Coat Colour: Black only.
Coat Pattern: Solid only.
Nose Leather: Black.
Paw Pads: Black.
Remarks: The mature specimen should be black to the roots. Kitten coats should darken and
become sleeker with age.
Faults: ~
Challenge: ~
Disqualify: Green eyes. Lockets or spots. Nose leather or paw pads other than black.
Allowable outcross: Black American Shorthair, or Brown (sable) Burmese (American)
Note: Not to be inter-mated with Burmese or Mandalay.
Must be DNA tested negative for diseases currently known to exist in Breed and identified by microchip.